Clash of Clans : Complete Guide – Tips and Tricks

clash of clans

Clash of Clans is a strategy game in which you will have to create a village and carry out attacks against other opposing villages. You can be part of a clan and thus wage clan wars.

clash of clans

Tips and tricks

  • Get black elixir using the lightning spell on enemy tanks
  • Cleaning your land can bring you gems
  • Keep mission gems to buy you workers
  • Do not get your city halls up too fast, it will make it easier for you to build your resources
  • From level 7, maximize your villages (walls too)
  • Remember that a level 9 max town hall is harder to destroy than an unmaximised level 10 town hall!
  • Think about improving your clan castle, it is especially useful
  • To mount your trophies, take out some resources and maximize your defenses to trap your opponents
  • To bring down your trophies, go to your village town hall in order to lose battles quickly
  • Save elixir (pink or black) by filling your barracks with unit production
  • Develop your king and queen as soon as you can

Tips and tricks: Clan War

  • Coordinate your attacks, let the small villages start and keep the big ones for the end
  • Do not launch all your attacks right now, keep a few attacks for the end of the war. It’s always helpful to keep a few cards in store
  • Aim for the 3 stars in each of your attacks. It is not profitable to have to pass several times on each village, it is a loss of attacks that will cost you the victory
  • Attack once each and take stock after that, you can then better target your next attacks based on the results of the first wave of attacks
  • Having maximum villages is important to make your opponents’ attacks as difficult as possible
  • Send powerful troops to your allies (the highest levels will have to take care of this)
  • Your alliance will need to have good communication and be active to progress in clan warfare
  • Do not forget to start your attack by destroying the defense troops of the opposing clan castle and beware of the traps
  • Try to take all the stars each time in order to take advantage

Start of game

Improve your attack buildings to collect resources on your opponents. Also expand your personal resources for additional help.

When attacking, choose your opponent’s well based on the resources available and how easy it is to take them. If you want to mount your trophies, attack villages with the town hall outdoors in order to take the trophy points without using a lot of troops. For example, you can win trophies only with a few archers by choosing your targets well. Your opponents will choose to defend either their resources or their trophies. There are a few villages in “hybrid” mode, protecting these two points, but they will generally be weakened in both positions.

Do not rush to set up your town halls.  From level 7, I advise you to maximize your village (the walls also, even if it is a bit long) because during the clan wars, your village could be used for a defense. A well-maxed Level 7 village is more interesting than a Level 8 town hall with low tusks. It will be more expensive and more complicated to take resources on your opponents with a higher city hall and weak attacks.

From level 7

Strengthen all your attacks and defenses to the maximum (the walls too). Build a consistent base based on your needs (protect resources or trophy points or even hybrid).

Improve your dragons as soon as you can, they will be a good strike force in war of clans!

From level 8

History repeats itself a little, maximize your defenses and attacks. You can develop pigs if you feel comfortable with this type oftroop. You can also start attacking with balloons, although they are not very effective at that level. Level 8 does not give, from a point of view, little interest other than to be a transition with level 9 that brings another dimension to the game.

From level 9

Now we are getting to the heart of the matter. You can increase your balloons and raze villages with a large number of resources. Balloons take a lot of creative time but if you launch them at night, you will get a powerful attack every day!

The usual pattern repeats itself, maximizing its attacks, spells and defenses (the walls are exceptionally long to develop but they can change some during the clan war). Ride your heroes to the max with the black elixir (King, Queen…).

At this level of the game, several attack compositions are available. You can choose air attacks (balloons, dragons…), force attacks (PEKKA) or number attacks (witches and wizards). Your castle will also become an important piece of clan warfare defense (depending on the level of your clan).

At that time, you can think about your second village and develop it.

I also advise you to maximize your village before moving your town hall to level 10 because the costs of attacks and the resources available will be more complicated than level 9 and your opponents will have good defenses to counter you.

It is often harder to deal with a well-maxed, built HDV9 than to face a poorly optimized TH10. Clans appreciate having strong defenses rather than villages unable to defend themselves properly. Stars are expensive in clan warfare, maximizing your chances of success by maximizing your villages.

Level 10 and above

There we screw up more, you will have to arm yourself patient at the beginning of level 10 because you will go from leader level 9 to small soldier level 10. But don’t panic, if you’ve followed this guide, you won’t normally have too much trouble moving your village forward quickly and becoming a big, competitive level 10 clan village. You will have the experience to defend yourself and make powerful attacks with a strategy developed by you.

Attack compositions


Some fun video

TH7 vs TH10
Valkyrie vs Wild

To find building plans based on the level of your town hall, visit

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