Fortnite : 10 Tips for winning points in arena

Fortnite : 10 Tips for winning points in arena

Fortnite is a multiplayer game developed by Epic  Games. The most famous player mode is the royal battle.  Parachuted from a plane, you will have to finish the last survivor  among  the  hundredother  opponents. Different strategies and ways to play will allow you to emerge victorious from your fights. In this game you will have to wield the pickaxe in order to collect materials that will give you the ability to build different planes in order to surprise your enemies. A few tricks will not be too much to get you into the battle arenas.

Tips and tricks

  • Did not put on a parachute or flying too bright so as not to become an aerial target
  • Land on a weapon crate if possible or a weapon directly
  • Destroy the ceiling of a house after landing on a roof
  • Be careful not to fall into the void of more than five floors
  • Do not forget to take building materials when you can
  • Beware of hiding places and straw boots
  • Remember to check the storm zone regularly
  • Avoid cities to start your game (unless you are very good at dueling)
  • Follow the edge of the cyclone zone to be in the top 25 as often as possible
  • Bots can bring you powerful weapons!
  • Entering a phone booth will allow you to hide from the bots
  • Do not hesitate to build walls to protect yourself from snipers if you’re out in the open

Division 1 to 3

In divisions 1 to 3, the level is not much different from that of the normal mode. Avoid combat zones such as big cities and map beginnings. Take your time because you will only be paid from the top 25 solo and from the top 12 in duet. Longer storm zones can pay off to finish in the top 10. The center of the card is generally not recommended for new players. A small island will allow you to hide from you to find weapons as well as some care kits and shields.

Division 4

In Division 4 things are not overly complicated yet. The bus does not cost you much and you can easily reach the top 25 see the top 10 without too much difficulty if you followed the advice so on.

Division 5 and over

The bus costs 20 points or more and you will start to find the top 25 harder to reach. It is not surprising to go down to point at the beginning of Division 5 because the opponents are much more difficult than before.  Serious games can begin!

I advise you to start in isolated islands or sparsely populated areas at the beginning of the game. Collect as many weapons and useful items as possible to prepare for any duels. Keep a low profile and try to wait to reach the top 25. Once the top 25 is reached, the 20 points paid on the bus will be profitable and you can now consider facing other opponents. The top 15 is not easy to reach in Division 5, many good players are already present in this division. If you lose a lot of points, don’t worry, play more carefully and everything should be fine. The 1000 points needed to change Division are not easy to obtain, you will have to be persistent and armed with patience.

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