League of Legends: 10 tips for winning games

League of Legends: 10 tips for winning games

League of Legends is a multiplayer arena game where you will lead a champion in a battle arena. Destroy your opponents is become the champion of the arena.

Tips and tricks

  • Test all training positions
  • Test different champion in training or ARAM
  • Train your last hits. Achieving your last hit is especially important to raise your money
  • Master several heroes perfectly so you can change as needed
  • Try to be consistent in your group role
  • Target enemies to shoot down to coordinate your attacks
  • Protect your allies
  • Not dying is often more profitable than killing at all costs
  • Do not isolate yourself in the corner of a map alone
  • Manage your last hit while putting pressure on your opponents
  • Take control of the forests, the dragon, and the boss
  • Manage your mana and think about taking the buffs on the jungle monsters
  • Kill the dragon regularly and the boss if possible

Tips and tricks for ARAM

  • Find a useful position for your team
  • Your stuff must be able to evolve
  • Increase your strengths directly
  • Play safe if you are not used to ARAM
  • Your stuff should allow you to spend time on the battlefield without dying
  • Use the places of care as much as possible
  • Take combinable items
  • Think carefully about your defense



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