World of Tanks: 20 tips to win your battles

world of tanks

World of Tanks is a game of tanks on cards of 15 players against 15. The different categories are defined by so-called third parties. You can play multiple roles as a heavy tank, scout, artillery, sniper, and many other possibilities.

world of tanks
world of tanks

Tips and Tips

  • Play as much as you can, this game requires experience before making dead (except at the beginning of the game) and understand different military strategies
  • Understanding the penetration of shield is important. The optimal angle is 90 degrees. Your angle of fire will be determined by the angle of your enemy’s armor
  • For starters, heavy tanks are a good option
  • Beware of artillery, death can always come from heaven!
  • Do not shoot for nothing, it could make you visible unnecessarily and make your teammates spot
  • Target your shots. It is best to set a target and attack it together. The goal being to take precedence over the number facing the enemy
  • Define your role as part of the team. Depending on tank type, your goal will not be the same
  • Play as a team, communicate as much as possible with your teammates to coordinate attacks, and signify danger zones.
  • Improve your tanks and crews
  • Buy and sell smart
  • Knowing how to stay patient, do not run anywhere without purpose. Stay together while paying attention to artillery
  • Tilt your tank before firing, place your gun over a front wheel
  • Do not stay there! Move immediately after shooting
  • Aim for the weak points of enemy tanks, to get to know them
  • Scout enemy artillery if you can
  • Study maps to avoid trap areas
  • Sell unnecessary parts stocks or tanks
  • Never stand in the way of your enemies’ fire
  • Hide as much as possible, whether behind a house or a rock, stay hidden and take advantage of the view to detect an enemy. Only go out to shoot (taking care to aim well beforehand)
  • Hide when you need to recharge, especially if you put it all for it
  • Do not play alone unless you are a Scout
  • Take your time to adjust your shots
  • Surviving is better than killing at all costs!

Start of game

At first everything usually goes well; you can make dead and buy your first tanks. You can test the few styles of tanks offered at the beginning of games with its different nations. The tanks are quite similar at the beginning of the game


From that moment I would say to third 6, you would start to have tanks that weigh in the balance if they are mounted to the maximum of their abilities. You can discover the joys of country games.

Part confirmed

Here we get into the serious part of the game, towards tier 8. The differences between the nations are felt, the power of the Russian guns and the precision of the German guns are of a whole new level. From then on you will have to help each other and rely on your teammates to win your games. Apply the list of tips above and everything should be fine.

List of recommended tanks

Grille, SU-26, KV1S, IS3, T54, Tiger 2, E100, MAUS,

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